Mohamed Alnuma

Voice and oud
He left Irak at the age of 17.
In Europe, he studied jazz guitar before he discovered his roots, the music of the pearl gatherers (in Frenc pêcheurs de perles) of the Persian Gulf. So he devoted himself to the practice of the oud and traditional singing. In 1997, he founded the ensemble Pêcheurs de Perles.
He interprets traditional songs as well as his own compositions, with the gathering and dialogue of the East and the West as a governing idea.

Olivier Milchberg

Bouzouki, ney, Bansouri flute (India), çümbüs ( Turkish banjo), jura (Turkish saz)
He was born in France, of Jewish and Argentinian origin. After a long itinerary throughout the traditional music styles of various countries, as musician and producer, he has taken on a passion for Turkish and Middle-Eastern music. 
He joined Pêcheurs de Perles in 1999 as a musician and arranger.
His projects put the artistic and human aspects on the same level: « music is a language that crosses borders, whether physical, social or religious. »

Mathias Autexier

He was born and lives in the Alps of Haute Provence. He first learned the zarb (Iranian drum) with Keyvan and Djamchid Chemirani, in the traditional, non-written fashion. He then adapted the fingering technique of the zarb to the darbuka and other percussion instruments. 
He has a passion for oriental percussion and devotes himself to the practice of the various Turkish, Greek, Maghrebian and Persian drums, drawing from their identities to develop his own musical phrasing.

Catherine Roy

She followed a classical piano training for ten years at Nancy’s music school before taking an interest for traditional music, where she found more freedom and spontaneity. She then naturally turned towards Klezmer music and the chromatic accordion, and from then on to the traditional music and dance of Eastern countries. This is where she met Mohamed Alnuma, who gave her the « Pêcheurs de Perles» spirit: the meeting of the East and the West, of Jewish and Arab traditions, of masculine and feminine.


Christian Zagaria

Quinton violin, arrangements – Madad Album

Moneim Adwan

Voice, oud – Motayem Album

Zhubin Kalhor

Kamanché, percussion – Motayem, Wahed Album

Bijan Chemirani

Percussion – Motayem Album

Pascal Tellier

Bass – Wahed Album

Herbert Koschmeider

Sax – Motayem, Wahed Albums

Françoise Atlan

Voice – Nawah Album